Feedback from Workshops


Tammy is warm and approachable, as well as having excellent knowledge and skills which she obviously has integrated into her work, creating the work life balance which we all crave.

Mandy Lyons

If you are looking to learn about placing systems in your business, I highly recommend you come along to Tammy’s workshops.  Tammy has lived, breathed, implemented and succeeded with systemising her business.  Your business should be run by systems, and your systems are run by your people – don’t let your business run you.

Natasha Sampson-Ly – Tashly Consulting

Tammy is masterful at organisation. Her systems workshop is extremely practical and helped me to better understand how to streamline work processes for reliable results. It’s great that Tammy’s knowledge comes from her direct experience so she can share lots of real word examples of how systems are set up and used in her business. This is a value packed workshop that I highly recommend.

Soli Goodes – Business Goddess

Tammy is a clear and friendly communicator who has a lot to share that is of real and practical use in the workplace.  I highly recommend her workshops; you will be given tools to use in your business, and you will be inspired to use them.

Despina Anagnostou – Lawyer

Tammy’s capacity to make a topic that is generally challenging and mundane become entertaining and conceivable is great! Her use of tried-and-tested examples in her own businesses was inspiring. I left feeling motivated with a renewed sense of clarity.

Sarah Watson – Clarity Wellness Centre