Hayley Smith – Finance Manager at Tuckfields

I was initially employed in a junior office traineeship position. Over the past ten years, Tammy has continually developed my strengths to see me taking on varying positions throughout the company. She has always encouraged me to follow my passions and found ways for the business to accommodate my career goals, encouraging my growth both as a person and as a professional. This support has directed me to the position I now hold within the company, that of Finance Manager. Through Tammy’s support, I have moved from a trainee role into an executive role; managing the accounts, payroll and assisting Tammy with business development. I am now studying a Bachelor of Business, with Tammy’s full support in helping me further my qualifications and reach my personal goals.

Through working with Tammy, I have been able to witness her passion, entrepreneurial mindset, and her down-to-earth approach that make her such a unique leader. She puts herself on the same level as her team, always motivating and encouraging them to bring out their best qualities. She knows how to draw on people’s strengths and make them feel like a valued member of the team.

Tammy never remains idle but is continually seeking new challenges and finding ways to improve business systems. Her constant innovative approach has brought her to where she is today, running such a successful business with staff that are motivated and driven by her enthusiasm.

I truly feel proud to have worked for Tammy and feel that so much of my growth is due to her training, guidance and support over the years. She has been a great inspiration to me and has helped me to build confidence since commencing as a young trainee new to the corporate world.