Phillip Arnfield – Building Better Businesses

When I first entered the premises of Tuckfield Conveyancing I was taken aback by the obvious sense of order and systematisation. In all my years of visiting business premises I have never experienced such a positive first impression.  The staff were busy, work stations were uncluttered, and the shelving surrounding the work stations gave the clear impression that everything had its place, and was in its place.  Upon entering the Managing Directors office the sense of orderliness and systematisation was reinforced.

Tammy speaks about the employees of her business in very positive terms, about the systems that had been created and about the team’s commitment to those systems. She noted that occasionally errors were made and when this happened an existing system was updated or a new system was created to ensure the same error did not recur.

I can say without hesitation that I have never seen a better business in terms of effectiveness and systematisation.  Tammy’s business  sets the standard all small businesses should try to emulate. It is a unique and brilliant business, I would expect there is not a more efficient business in the country.