Tim Ellis, Managing Director, Magic Rentals

Tammy’s business knowledge and expertise has been forged over many years in her own successful business, which she has taken from its humble beginnings to the machine it is today. Her attitude to life and passion for helping others means I have no doubt that everyone she supports will receive great value and will do great things. I would never hesitate to recommend Tammy to anyone who needs some coaching and support to take things to the next level!

Phillip Arnfield – Building Better Businesses

When I first entered the premises of Tuckfield Conveyancing I was taken aback by the obvious sense of order and systematisation. In all my years of visiting business premises I have never experienced such a positive first impression.  The staff were busy, work stations were uncluttered, and the shelving surrounding the work stations gave the clear impression that everything had its place, and was in its place.  Upon entering the Managing Directors office the sense of orderliness and systematisation was reinforced.

Tammy speaks about the employees of her business in very positive terms, about the systems that had been created and about the team’s commitment to those systems. She noted that occasionally errors were made and when this happened an existing system was updated or a new system was created to ensure the same error did not recur.

I can say without hesitation that I have never seen a better business in terms of effectiveness and systematisation.  Tammy’s business  sets the standard all small businesses should try to emulate. It is a unique and brilliant business, I would expect there is not a more efficient business in the country.

Giorgina Thomas, Marketing Contractor

What a difference it makes as a contractor when you walk into a business that is structured, organised and has processes in place. This is only something I’ve come to realise lately as being at Tuckfields I simply thought that every business worked this way. Yet I walk into other businesses and am tearing my hair out trying to work in such chaos. The processes and procedures Tammy has in place makes it so much easier for all of us to do our jobs, whether we realise it or not. No asking of endless questions, no trying to figure things out – everything is there for us, and it enables us all to work efficiently. Thank you Tammy.

Hayley Smith – Finance Manager at Tuckfields

I was initially employed in a junior office traineeship position. Over the past ten years, Tammy has continually developed my strengths to see me taking on varying positions throughout the company. She has always encouraged me to follow my passions and found ways for the business to accommodate my career goals, encouraging my growth both as a person and as a professional. This support has directed me to the position I now hold within the company, that of Finance Manager. Through Tammy’s support, I have moved from a trainee role into an executive role; managing the accounts, payroll and assisting Tammy with business development. I am now studying a Bachelor of Business, with Tammy’s full support in helping me further my qualifications and reach my personal goals.

Through working with Tammy, I have been able to witness her passion, entrepreneurial mindset, and her down-to-earth approach that make her such a unique leader. She puts herself on the same level as her team, always motivating and encouraging them to bring out their best qualities. She knows how to draw on people’s strengths and make them feel like a valued member of the team.

Tammy never remains idle but is continually seeking new challenges and finding ways to improve business systems. Her constant innovative approach has brought her to where she is today, running such a successful business with staff that are motivated and driven by her enthusiasm.

I truly feel proud to have worked for Tammy and feel that so much of my growth is due to her training, guidance and support over the years. She has been a great inspiration to me and has helped me to build confidence since commencing as a young trainee new to the corporate world.

Terence Esslinger – Esslinger Consulting

I have worked with Tammy Edwards since 2011 as her business consultant.

Tammy asked me to review her business and assess the areas that required improvement and I recall that one of her key goals was to be able to take six weeks leave in order that she could go to England in the event that her in-laws became ill. At that point she hadn’t had more than a few days off in the past years and was determined to make the changes required for her and her staff to operate the best conveyancing business in South Australia. She was very clear that Tuckfields was not to be the largest, however it needed to be the best.

During the time since then I have seen Tammy relentlessly apply herself to achieving the goals she set and in the process has gained my admiration for the way in which she achieved her business goals, whilst consistently maintaining a genuinely caring attitude toward her staff, and the broader community. Her ability to provide a balance of structure and discipline which produced consistently high quality output, whilst nurturing a culture that is fun, respectful and highly professional is one of the key success factors for Tuckfields. In fact, I have not seen a better example of a high performance business culture.

Whilst Tammy’s motivation behind the ongoing innovation has been largely focussed on improving the business’ ability to provide better service to her clients, the serendipity, as most often the case, is that her business has become far more efficient.

From the outset Tammy recognised the value in training her staff and whilst she provided the leadership and motivation, she ensured that her staff continued to grow and learn. The result is that Tammy has managed to do what so few (independent) small business owners achieve; to have a business that is able to be proudly run by staff and enabling the owner to confidently step away. This year she achieved one of her goals of being to take significant time away from her business, without phone or email contact. She returned to find everything in order, with proud and confident staff to greet her. In small business, a truly noteworthy achievement!

I am very proud to be associated with Tammy and although she was a client, she also taught me a great deal. Her business is my ‘go to’ example of what can be achieved with focused and diligent application of business improvement processes, and she has become a friend.


Working with Tammy has proved invaluable. My confidence in knowing I’m going in the right direction is now solid and in terms of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how to design and implement business systems, I have (and continue to make!) great progress. This has certainly made the whole business more efficient, staff feel supported by the direction we are heading and everything feels so much more organised. Thank you Tammy!